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Jordan TRAN.

Artist painter

Jordan TRAN is a French painter who lives and works in Mulhouse. He first deployed his creative talents in the urban space, as a graffiti artist. Then gradually, Jordan left the city walls to devote himself to painting on canvas. His abstract landscapes impress with the immaculate perfection of their gradients. Available in vast and seductive color ranges, each time they plunge us into different atmospheres, of a rare sensuality. His works are the result of a patiently developed method, linked to his various artistic practices.


The paintings.

Self-taught, Jordan TRAN  has developed a very personal style, which has led him from graffiti to abstraction. His science of gradations and shades of colors is endowed with a strong emotional power, inciting the viewer to daydream and contemplation. In this, Jordan works are part of the heritage of the American Color Field, but also and above all of the Californian movement of Light and Space, whose artists, like the famous James Turrell, have placed at the center of their concerns the study of the phenomena of perception, in particular light and space.


Latest exhibitions

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